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CUSTOM Scandina Black Indoor Outdoor Sheer Curtain Voile Drapery

CUSTOM Scandina Black Indoor Outdoor Sheer Curtain Voile Drapery Item NO: Scandina - Black - 38

US$ 19.99
Header Type
Tab Top(+US$ 2.00) Grommet(+US$ 1.00) Pinch Pleated(+US$ 40.00) Rod Pocket
Single Panel Width
42‘’ 50‘’(+US$ 4.00) 62‘’(+US$ 8.00) 74‘’(+US$ 12.00) 86‘’(+US$ 16.00) 100‘’(+US$ 20.00) 106‘’(+US$ 23.00) 112‘’(+US$ 26.00) 124‘’(+US$ 32.00) 136‘’(+US$ 38.00) 150‘’(+US$ 44.00) 162‘’(+US$ 46.00) 174‘’(+US$ 48.00) 186‘’(+US$ 49.00) 200‘’(+US$ 53.00)
63” 65‘’(+US$ 2.00) 66‘’(+US$ 3.00) 67‘’(+US$ 4.00) 68‘’(+US$ 5.00) 69‘’(+US$ 6.00) 70‘’(+US$ 7.00) 71‘’(+US$ 8.00) 72‘’(+US$ 9.00) 73‘’(+US$ 10.00) 74‘’(+US$ 11.00) 75‘’(+US$ 12.00) 76‘’(+US$ 13.00) 77‘’(+US$ 14.00) 78‘’(+US$ 15.00) 79‘’(+US$ 16.00) 80‘’(+US$ 17.00) 81‘’(+US$ 18.00) 82‘’(+US$ 19.00) 83‘’(+US$ 20.00) 84‘’(+US$ 21.00) 85‘’(+US$ 22.00) 86‘’(+US$ 23.00) 87‘’(+US$ 24.00) 88‘’(+US$ 25.00) 89‘’(+US$ 26.00) 90‘’(+US$ 27.00) 91‘’(+US$ 28.00) 92‘’(+US$ 29.00) 93‘’(+US$ 30.00) 94‘’(+US$ 31.00) 95‘’(+US$ 32.00) 96‘’(+US$ 33.00) 97‘’(+US$ 34.00) 98‘’(+US$ 35.00) 99‘’(+US$ 36.00) 100‘’(+US$ 37.00) 102‘’(+US$ 39.00)
Customized Requirements
MOQ ( 1 )
  • Any size can custom.
  • Sold per panel. Size in Inch.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor front porch, pergola, cabana, covered patio, gazebo and beach home, also can be used as a door curtain, window curtain or a background for a shop window display.
  • Smooth, soft, comfortable, breathable, antibacterial, eco-friendly, durable, full of romantic falling feeling, and drapable. Non-water-proof. Strong, long-lasting and less likely to rip or tear, exquisite workmanship.
  • The max achievable finished single curtain width is 106 inches, if the length is over 102 inches.
  • The maximum achievable finished single curtain length is 102 inches, if the width is over 106 inches.
Product Name CUSTOM Scandina Black Indoor Outdoor Sheer Curtain Voile Drapery
Item NO Scandina - Black - 38
Style Shabby Chic, Vintage, Luxury, Nautical, Modern, Casual, Contemporary, Country, Classic
Features Cafe, Eco-friendly, Door Patio, Kids Teen, Unlined
Color Theme Black
Pattern Solid
Material Polyester
Collection Scandina Solid Sheer
Header Type Custom
Estimated Sunlight Block Under 55% sunlight blocking
Cutting Direction Buy Width
Care Instruction Gentle circle and machine wash
Fabric Width (inch) 108
Fabric Weight (gsm) 80
Weight 1.2000 kg = 2.6455 lb = 42.3288 oz
Category Custom
Tag black , grey , solid , Tab Top , Vintage , Unlined , Red , Pink , Burgundy , Sky Blue , Beige , Polyester , Buy Width , Country , Classic , White , Taupe , Rose , Ivory , Peacock , Khaki , Shabby Chic , Under 55 sunlight blocking , Hand Wash , Scandina , Mint , Moss , Kiwi
Brand ChadMade
Creation time 2018-10-16


Scandina Solid Sheer Drapery

Material: 100% polyester.
Curtain Style: Fashionable, princess, lovely and contemporary.
Feature: Solid Sheer drapes curtains. Stylish and have a unique design. Soft voile drapes is unlined allowing natural light to pass through while providing delicate privacy.

Why need it.

This sheer curtain is amazing and interesting for its solid color which can bring romantic and dim beauty to your home. By making with high quality polyester materials and skillful process, it not only has 40% blackout and dust-proof features but also can be a better decoration to your indoor and outdoor. When sunshine pass through the curtain, it looks like a fairy tale world, and bright colors make people happy and relaxed. Filter the daylight softly and billow pleasantly where you can enjoy reading and sipping coffee next to them. Own this elegant and romantic curtain, your house will be more beautiful and cozy. Good gifts for your parents, friends and colleagues. Scandina series of rich colors, with random, can be hot, quiet, warm, romantic...

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